Walter and Emily are great people and a great financial team! I met them through a dog-sitting business I participate in and they were always great customers. One day Emily mentioned in passing that if I was ever in the market to buy a home to let her know, that they could “work miracles”. Months later, the lease on my condo was ending and I came across a home for sale that interested me, even though I wasn’t really looking to buy since I’d just recently been out of work and was only set to start a new job in a coupe days. Even so, I emailed Emily out of the blue on a Friday and within 24 hours I had pre-approval on a great loan and was house shopping. Walter and Emily also introduced me to an and by the following Monday I had an accepted offer on a home and was moving smoothly through the buying process. During the process Walter and Emily were very accessible and pro-active in touching base and walking me through everything, as this was my first home purchase. Because of my lease situation I needed a place right away. They ensured my home closed in just three weeks, leaving me plenty of time to add some personal touches to the place before I move. I have heard so many horror stories about mountains of paperwork and difficulty home-buying, especially in the market in King County right now, and thanks to these two I didn’t experience any of that, even with very little money down and having just stated a new job. They worked with all my hurdles and got me a great deal and a great home. I really had thought home ownership was out of my reach until I worked with Emily and Walter. She was not kidding- they really do work miracles.
– K. L.

If you haven’t already, then you MUST jump on board & have ‘Howard’s Team’ help you & your family w/ any home financing needs. Our family always appreciates doing business with ‘Howard’s Team’ w/ each of our Washington home ventures. They are fast, efficient, patient, kind & above all else GET THE JOB DONE.
– Dani and Jerry T.

Absolutely loved working with Walter & his team! They were on top of everything and every time I would call or text they were quick to reply. And given I was a “needy” home buyer on our most recent home purchase I truly appreciate the attention they gave us. They have a client for life! Thanks again!
– Alyssa W.

Thank you for all your help in finding us the best loan possible for our family’s forever home! The whole process was easy because of the experience and thoughtfulness this team had!
– David M.

Walter was really there to help. Not just financially but he showed up on moving day and help lug furniture in the house! Where else are you going to find that?
– Eric C.

Without Walter and his team, my wife and I probably would not be enjoying a movie in our home right now. Walter is a great friend and person along with his lovely wife Emily and fought for every penny of savings we could get. He is the type of broker that you actually want to make money because you want to thank him for all the hard work he puts in. As important as getting the loan done, he put is in the RIGHT type of loan which is equally important. Everyone has a different situation and Walter and his team know how to navigate the market and options to find the best loan for you. I wouldn’t even consider using another consultant when we purchase our next home.
– Josh L.

The Howard Team is very passionate about creating the best loan for you. We closed on our house in two and a half weeks. Thanks Walter for a smooth loan process!
– Jason C.

I have worked with Walter on many occasions and he is the most tenacious yet charming lender I’ve worked with thus far. A family man who seems to always be available to put out fires if need be. Great lender and colleague!
– Elle S.

So very easy to work with and gave excellent answers to all my questions. I was able to contact them even on off hours since I work graveyard. Cannot say enough good things about Fairway Mortgage. They are the best.
– Cindy F.

These two are amazing! Howard swooped in on a strong recommendation from our realtor, Natasha King, and work tirelessly in less than a 24 hour period to get us a preapproval for a house that would have otherwise slipped past us! Shortly after that, Emily came in and helped manage the forefront of our loan by keeping us posted and being patient with our crazy schedules for our rather large and busy family! So thankful for this kind, caring, personable, professional and hard working team. They really do go above and beyond any lending team we have ever worked with in the history of our past home buying experiences. You will love them too!!
– Stacy C.